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Depending on your interest, the ABC Cicero offers a number of opportunies for networking, advertising and promoting. Member benefits also include business workshops, counseling and a liaison to assist with town matters. The access other business professionas as well as elected officials will greatly increase your businesses chance of success by assuring you have the most accurate information. The Association briefings and updates will keep you up to date on important local and business issues.

What does the Association of Business & Commerce of Cicero membership do for your business?

It protects your interests and keeps you informed
The ABC of Cicero maintains a healthy relationship with town and state officials and other pro-business organizations. We often have advance knowledge of proposed legislation and development plans. There's so much new information on matters such as heath care, taxes, new federal and state regulations. Through newsletters, seminars, e-blasts, we get the information out to our members in an efficient and timely manner.

It gives you a voice
Your concerns are important and staying proactive towards finding efficient solutions to such concerns will contribute to the prosperity of our community. We will meet with political leaders to address your concerns in the proper forum.
It improves your community
A successful business means stability, profits that lead to expansion, fair wages and more employment opportunities for residents making it a prospering community to raise a family.

Marketing of your business
As a member of the Association of Business & Commerce of Cicero your name quickly becomes introduced to a wider circle of business entrepreneurs and customers.

Benefits of Membership:
Online Directory Marketing
Members will be listed in the directory of the ABC of Cicero's website

Business or Brand Exposure on Print
You wil have the opportunity to promote your business with an add in the Town of Cicero monthly new magazine which is distributed to over 30,000 residents.

Television Exposure
Showcase your business on The Association of Business & Commerce segment of Cicero in Motion broadcasted on Comcast Channel 6.

Social Media Marketing
Social networks are a major part of modern life as people today are connected to the internet at work, home and just about everywhere they go through their mobile device. The ABC of Cicero uses Facebook to connect with other businesses and Facebook friends(potential customers) on
community updates, local events and promote business specials or discounts only available to members.

Parade & Festival Participation
Depending on the membership level you have the opportunity to participate in the Fiestas Patrias or Houby Day Parade (float not included).

Seminars & Workshops
The ABC of Cicero offers seminars and workshops meant to assist businesses with a variety of topics such as staff motivation, customer service, tax for small business owners, advertising, web & technology engagement and social media marketing.

Networking Events
Establish a relationship with other loal professional business entrepreneurs that can help you with the products and services you need to expand your business. Through yearly networking events you will geet to know financial advisers, lawyers, bankers, construction professionals, real estate specialist, printers, car dealer managers, marketing consultants, maintenence services, restaurant owners, banquet management and many more. Networking with other successful business owners that can share success stories is helpful.

Membership Benefits NON-PROFIT
Member Card
Certificate of Membership
ABCCicero sticker to be placed on business door.
FREE 1,000 Business Cards
Web Page Services
Business information on Web Page Directory
Direct Link (logo) to client site
Business Coupon Placement
Calendar of Events
Relevant Form Access ( Business permits, business licenses, renewal forms of licenses)
Discounted price on Business Association News Letter advertising  
Discounted price on advertising all media print participating  
Discounted price on The Town Of Cicero News  
Discounted price on Web Page Design    
Discounted price on Flyers, Banners, stickers (print and design)    
Discounted price on Cicero Post Banners    
Discounted Price on Parades & Booths
(Fiestas Patrias, Houby, Cinco de Mayo, American Fest, Mi Gracia Fest).
Free distribution of cards of flyers during festivals or special events (member will provide material) up to 1000.      
Free access to : seminars and workshops      
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